How the Animal Foundation Created by Max Polyakov Flourished so Quickly

Max Polyakov was an American who originated from Russia. Like most Americans, he wanted to go to his homeland to discover something inside him. The customs and views of Russians were shocking. The fortune of Russia after the Soviet Union collapsed was properly documented and many disasters that caused the termination of USSR and other events instilled great mistrust to Russia. While in Russia, Max rescued a cat called his cat and with a bothered mind, he decided to go back to Atlanta.

How the Animal Foundation Created by Max Polyakov Flourished so Quickly

More about Max Polyakov


Max Polyakov traveled to Atlanta with the rescued cat. He did not find the right direction and so he ended up in a dead end. He spent his time engaging in various activities and even studied a course in spoken word poetry.

Max Polyakov had some friends who he could play cards with to pass time while thinking about what to do with his life. Besides chatting and playing games, Max and his pals could go to drink each night.


Max Polyakov became depressed and the cat (his cat) was the only source of his happiness. He lived at the wrong side of footpaths, a place is known for gunshots during the night. Stray animals searched inside dumped food vessels and with time, they started trusting him.

Max Polyakov had a great passion for animals and his cat was his best companion. So, he thought of making other animals feel like his cat. He started by feeding the stray animals and later started looking after other people’s animals whenever he was not doing his software developing job.

Getting donations

Max Polyakov decided to start an animal foundation. He became friends with butchers and grocers so that he could collect any leftover foods to feed the rescued animals.

Max even got a chance to meet with a financier who offered him the money he required to care for animals. Being able to have the required funding also enabled him to get a reliable team.

Max also did adverts which brought many animal enthusiasts to his house. After some weeks, Max Polyakov Animals Foundation was functioning fully. Charitable donations made Max achieve all that he wanted.


Up to now, Max Polyakov is still working as a Software developer but is main passion is caring for animals. His programming skills keep flourishing the same way his animal foundation does. His animal business is currently focusing on Atlanta alone but he intends to spread all over America.

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