Creating an Animal Foundation That Became Highly Successful

Creating an Animal Foundation That Became Highly Successful

According to, Max Polyakov was a US resident who was born in Russia. Like most people in the US, he planned to visit his birth place to discover something within him. The beliefs of Russians were strange. Russia’s fortune after the Soviet Union collapsed was well written and a lot of disasters which led to terminating the USSR and other occurrences caused mistrust to Russia. When Max visited Russia, he managed to rescue a cat named Murka and he returned to the US very disturbed.

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Max Polyakov went back to Atlanta, US with the cat which he had rescued. He followed the wrong path and found himself in a dead end. He engaged in several activities and even pursued a spoken word poetry course.

Max Polyakov also has friends who he used to play card games with during his free time. Besides talking and playing, Max and his friends used to go to drink during the night.


Max Polyakov fell into depression and the cat that he had rescued in Russia was the one that gave him some comfort. He used to stay at a place that was famous for shootings at night. Stray animals used to search for food in dirty places around where Max lived and after some time, they started liking him.

Max Polyakov loved animals so much and Murka gave him good company. His great love for animals made him decide to make the other stray animals feel like Murka. So, he began by giving them food. He also used to work as a software developer and whenever he was free, he went to look after animals.


Max Polyakov chose to create a foundation for animals. He familiarized himself with people who used to work in the butcheries and groceries and they used to allow him collect leftovers for rescued animals.

After some time, Max met a financier who gave him the funds he needed to sustain rescued animals. With the money, Max was also able to get the best people to help him in taking care of the animals.

A lot of people took their animals to Max and within a few weeks, the foundation was operating fully.


Until today, Max Polyakov who is a Software developer is still looking after animals. He keeps on growing his programming skills as well as his animal foundation which he hopes to expand all over the US.